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DBT / dialectical behaviour therapist
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Rosalind has been an amazing help to me over the past few months. I was nervous starting therapy again, but Rosalind was kind, compassionate and patient which gave me the space to open up about how my struggles impact me day to day and implement techniques to overcome them. She is a great listener and we quickly connected. During this time, Rosalind has helped me to build up resilience and now I am actively asserting boundaries, working on a routine and finding creative ways to reframe negative thought processes. Thank you, Rosalind.

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I really benefitted from my sessions with Rosalind. Our weekly hypnotherapy sessions helped me relax and see how much tension I was holding in my body. She was able to guide me to a state of deep relaxation. I can recommend her to anyone.

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Very good about asking how certain things made me felt and got me to really think about different feelings in certain situations, for example, if I was in two very similar social situations and one time I felt anxious and another I brushed it off she [Rosalind] would question what made me anxious in one situation vs another by asking me specific questions about how I felt in each situation. She was very good about asking questions to help me figure out my own emotions.


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