Dr Rosalind Hypnotherapy Helping perimenopausal / mid-life cis women to THRIVE, not just survive. Online therapy programme

Do you want to stop procrastinating? Is your perfectionism becoming a problem? Are you fed up with yoyo dieting? Imposter syndrome niggles?

Do you know that all these issues can be associated with anxiety?
I help women like you to:
understand your unhelpful behaviour patterns
discover what you can do better
support you whilst you learn more helpful life skills

*N.B. for IBS gut-directed hypnotherapy, please go to the next page*

Do you want more from life? . Rosalind Sept 21 (old)

My 8-week online THRIVE training programme can teach you to

Relax more
Worry less and enjoy life more
Wake refreshed
Overcome (dis-)comfort eating and shift that lockdown stone
Use self-hypnosis (hypnotherapy) to improve your irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) (next page)
Navigate perimenopause with ease if you can't use HRT (or at least not snap at your family over niggles- let's be realistic here)

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Skills training. Practice makes... better. Done is better than 'perfect'.

I will help you learn how to spot your individual triggers and problem behaviours.
An essential part of your skills training will be daily practice between sessions. These tasks will be aimed at promoting your independence in using the skills and techniques learnt in our sessions. I suggest you approach them with a spirit of experimental curiosity.
We will see how you found them and work with your results.
As your self-confidence grows you will learn to use the skills in other areas of your life.
You will become your own coach and no longer need me!

Do you want more from life? . BSCAH hi res

Why work with me?

I supported and guided people for 26 years when I worked as a doctor. I use techniques which have evidence of working for many.

I have lived experience of perimenopause and beyond.

I have extensive online experience having studied and taught online for over 20 years.

Through working online, I can help any English-speaking woman with access to a reliable internet connection and in a suitable time zone.

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