Dr Rosalind Hypnotherapy Online Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy
from Wiltshire, UK and Fuengirola, Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What are the practical things I need for online therapy?
- a peaceful private room where you won't be disturbed or overheard during the session + someone to fill your child/elder-care needs during that time (if applicable)
- a comfortable chair + notepad + pen +/- glass of water +/- anything you need for comfort
- stable internet connection (such as for video calls over WhatsApp/Zoom/Google Meet/MS Teams or TV streaming) + connected laptop/tablet set up opposite your chair so that I can see the upper half of your body (helps with relaxation exercises)
- ideally headphones or earphones with inbuilt microphone (increases privacy, reduces background noise)

Q2) How will I feel afterwards?
If we have practised relaxation, I usually recommend that you avoid driving/operating heavy machinery for 30 minutes or so afterwards, both for you to obtain maximum benefit and be fully alert to road conditions.

Q3) Does it work?
There is nothing magical about cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy. I teach you evidence-based techniques to achieve your goal. There is no 'it'; you do the work.

Q4) How long does the benefit last?
For as long as you continue to use the skills and techniques you have learnt.

Q5) How do I learn self-hypnosis?
I will teach you. If you would like to practise focusing on thinking 'as if' hypnotised (but without hypnosis!), just use the email box to request a free recording. Self-hypnosis is a skill like learning to drive/write/play a sport- it takes regular practice.

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