Dr Rosalind Hypnotherapy Helping perimenopausal / mid-life cis women to THRIVE, not just survive. Online therapy programme

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My vision for a better future.

Imagine a world where all women know the skills to safeguard their mental health and have the confidence to live in accordance with their values.
That’s the world I dream of. That’s the world I am working to create. And that dream is why, after 26 years as a hospital doctor, I started my online practice.
I help women to spot their unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving, discover and practise more helpful alternatives, so they can be their authentic selves and enjoy better relationships.

3 top tips to help you sleep better (number 3 may seem counterintuitive)

1 Set a regular schedule
2 Keep your bedroom dark and cool
3 Get up!

To sign up for my next 3-week group programme for overcoming insomnia, please email via the link in the headline bar.

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