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Cognitive and behavioural techniques are evidence-based and clinically mainstream.

They work through the understanding that our thoughts (cognitions) influence our feelings (emotions), responses (behaviours) and bodily sensations to events. Recognising and changing unhelpful ingrained/automatic assumptions and patterns of thinking can improve how we respond to events.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a complementary tool which can be integrated to reinforce cognitive and behavioural techniques. There is no mystical ‘trance’ state, nor is there anything like you may have seen in stage hypnosis entertainment! If appropriate for your issue, I can teach you self-hypnosis as a skill. Almost any client can learn how to use the technique, but it takes regular practice (rather like learning to ride a bike/swim/read). The client is actively “doing” self-hypnosis rather than being a passive recipient.
CBH adds the extra tool of self-hypnosis to the array of effective cognitive behavioural therapies.

How does CBH work?

As an essential part of your online hypnotherapy treatment you will be required to engage in between-session tasks, aimed at promoting independence in using the skills and techniques learnt in our therapy sessions. Although we work together as a team, you need to be fully committed to do these home assignments necessary to help you change your unhelpful ingrained patterns of thinking and behaviour. I suggest you approach them with a spirit of curiosity.
Afterwards we will see how you found them, and modify them as your confidence grows. My aim is to teach you evidence-based skills which you can use in other areas of your life; you will grow in confidence, become your own therapist and no longer need me!

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